Handsome hunk Kyle Hardwick is looking damn fine

A few days ago we had the chance to ogle the handsome and fit jock Kyle Hardwick wearing some tight little undies and bulging out of them impressively in a very alluring shoot. There wasn’t a whole lot of him in that one to really appreciate, which is why I felt compelled to get out there and see what else I could find of the sexy jock.

I managed to find something, and I think you guys are gonna appreciate it too. You might crave more of him bulge and want to see him wearing a whole lot less, but if we’re honest we’re just happy to see this gorgeous dude shirtless again.

Obviously there’s a whole lot to love about this guy. He has an amazing body and that bulge we saw last time has us all craving nudes, but can I just say that his eyes are gorgeous and his smile amazing, too?

Really, if I knew this handsome guy I could sit and stare at him for hours, which would be extremely creepy and sinister after a few minutes, but meh.