Sexy Hunk

Check out handsome Russian hunk Dmitry Averyanov and drool

Dmitry Averyanov is one of those handsome hunks who does it all and covers the entire sphere of what we’re used to from gorgeous guys like him. He’s not just a stunning male model, he’s […] Read More

Tucker Rajala takes me back to my late teens

Guys, check out Tucker Rajala. I just discovered him and I want more. He’s a handsome and fit young man from Connecticut, showing off his sexy body and that tempting bulge for photographer Roshaknie Hayes […] Read More

Ignacio Perez Rey
Ignacio Pérez Rey has a body like porn star Paddy O’Brian

Come on guys, I’m not the only one thinking it. Check out handsome hunk Ignacio Pérez Rey and compare him to gay porn star Paddy O’Brian and I think you’ll see it too. They have […] Read More

Muscled and hairy Quinton Wynn gets our juices flowing

You can’t have a blog about handsome and hunk men without mentioning Quinton Wynn. He’s not one of the most prolific hunks out there in the modeling world, but he’s one of the most adored, […] Read More

Flashing some ass with DW Chase

Fans of handsome and hairy hunks will definitely love the sight of DW Chase. I remember when this guy was a cam performer years ago, teasing his fans from home and putting on some pretty […] Read More

British actor Philip Olivier naked and hot

I know it’s been a while since he’s been out there in the limelight, but Philip Olivier is still one of the sexiest British men alive. I remember seeing him on TV years ago and […] Read More

American hunk Bruin Collinsworth
American hunk Bruin Collinsworth has a great bulge!

I know I’m not the only one who has a somewhat stereotypical image of the average American male model. Being a Brit I have to confess that I grew up on the Hollywood portrayal of […] Read More

Matt Holdener underwear
Matt Holdener has a great dick bulge to show off

So, a couple of days ago I shared some very sexy photos of handsome male model Matt Holdener on the HUNK Magazine blog and I know a lot of you guys enjoyed it. Of course […] Read More

Handsome male model Thom Panto
Thom Panto is looking buff in this shoot by Scott Cushman

I’ve been checking out some of the hot shoots by photographer Scott Cushman and when I saw this collection of images featuring gorgeous and ripped hunk Thom Panto I knew he had to be here […] Read More

Matt Holdener undrwear bulge
Ripped and handsome Matt Holdener by Scott Cushman

This is the first time I’ve ever seen male model Matt Holdener or the work of photographer Scott Cushman, but after this you can bet I’ll be paying a little more attention to both. Matt […] Read More