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Hunk Roman Dawidoff
Gorgeous Russian hunk Roman Dawidoff takes after his brother

Someone needs to work out what’s in the water where Roman Dawidoff and his brother Kirill were born and raised, because this double whammy of gorgeousness isn’t normal. We’ve seen Kirill Dawidoff on the HUNK […] Read More

Powerful Muscle Hunk Kirill Dowidoff

I love Kirill Dowidoff, (aka Konstantin Kamynin) but then again I have yet to meet a gay or bisexual man who doesn’t lust after this handsome hunk and his amazing body. If you don’t think […] Read More

Male Model Anatoly Goncharov
Going retro with Russian male model Anatoly Goncharov

Renowned for his handsome good looks and his immense muscled body, male model Anatoly Goncharov is a star in his own right. He’s regularly featured by bloggers around the world, and for good reason; he’s […] Read More

Male model Logan Swiecki-Taylor for Rufhouse Magazine
One of my fave hunks – Logan Swiecki-Taylor

He’s such a tease, but I love him for it. Logan Swiecki-Taylor is one of the most handsome hunks in the world, in my opinion, and seeing him showing off his muscles and his impressive […] Read More