Male model Nick Cheney wanking for Blake Mason

So, just a few minutes ago we had the sexy pics of Nick Cheney (aka Marshall Arkley) showing off his uncut cock for the cameras in a mainstream nude shoot, but I did warn you that we would be getting the chance to see him enjoying his big uncut cock in an adult shoot for one of the British gay porn sites!

Well, I found the shoot, and it’s a hot one. I haven’t seen the video yet but I think I might be signing up to Blake Mason very soon to check it out.

Even though the handsome and buff guy is straight he clearly has no problem getting his big uncut cock out for the lads and putting on a show. In fact, he’s described as being “open minded” on the site.

Unfortunately, it seems he only appeared in one solo video for them, getting his big 8″ cock out and wanking for the lads before shooting off an impressive mess. But, at the same time, he is an exhibitionist and he seems to enjoy getting that dick out, so perhaps we might see him enjoying some more fun on video in the future?

I hope it’s not the last time we see him enjoying that thing, from what we can see of the shoot he had a good time and really enjoyed the performance.

It does make me wonder why guys give up on this after a solo, is it just because they don’t want to do anything with another guy?

Anyway, enjoy the pics and click through to see him at BlakeMason.

2 thoughts on “Male model Nick Cheney wanking for Blake Mason”

  1. Malone says:

    I used to love the BM site when they were giving us guys like this man but they wen’t down hill. Now it’s all average gay and bi guys. I can’t remember the last time they had a straight muscled jock dude on there. I wish they would get back to that. They used to be more like the British version of Sean Cody but these days it’s just more “meh”.

    1. Admin says:

      I have to agree with you on that. I used to love it when they had those handsome and ripped jock dudes on there, back when they were making those series videos with themes and stories. Now I stick mostly to the English Lads site, but even they seem to go back and forth from one month of getting loads of gorgeous straight jock guys to totally reversing and getting loads of really average twinks.

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