5 Years on – the passing of Greg Plitt

I struggle with posts like this, because I wonder if it’s appropriate to admire the physique of a man who is no longer with us. But, considering Greg Plitt spent much of his life working to achieve and maintain that body, and inspire others to do the same, I think it’s right that we remember him on blogs like this one.

Five years ago today, at the age of just 37, Greg Plitt passed away in a tragic accident in Burbank, California. The investigation of his death came to the conclusion that he was filming a commercial for an energy drink, alone, attempting to out-run a train. It’s been reported that he was running on the wrong set of tracks, that he probably planned to run parallel to the oncoming train and just didn’t realize it was coming up directly behind him.

It’s incredibly sad to imagine that such a ridiculous choice led to his demise.

In his adult life Greg Plitt became synonymous with men’s health and fitness, you probably saw his body on several magazine covers and might not have even known it. He was one of the most sought-after models in the business, gracing the covers of Men’s Health, Flaunt, Instinct Magazine, Maxim and many others.

He inspired so many, and he’ll be remembered by many, too.