A hung and uncut daddy we would all love to know

You probably do this too, you find a couple of pics out there of a gorgeous guy you want to know a whole lot more about and you can’t find anything on him. That’s the case with this guy.

He’s so handsome and so fit, and that long and throbbing uncut cock is amazing. He’s a show off, one of those guys who seems to love sharing pics of himself out there for the world to enjoy, but we know nothing about him.

I guess we don’t need to know a whole lot more than we can see in these selfies.

He’s a good looking guy, the kind of man I think most of you would love to know.

He actually looks a lot like a guy I used to fool around with when I was a bit younger, but the guy I knew was mostly straight and into sucking cock and jerking off with other dudes.

Would any of you turn down any fun with this guy? Something tells me you’d all be down for whatever with him.

Okay, just enjoy the pics, and maybe spend some time thinking about what you might be able to do with that gorgeous looking hung and uncut cock if you had the chance to play with it.

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