American jock model Stephen Beers is damn sexy

Hi guys! I have someone very hot for you to check out today, and I get the feeling you’re gonna want more of him after ogling him in this shoot by Eduardo Fermin.

His name is Stephen Beers and I can tell you that he’s a model and an actor, I can’t say I’ve done enough research to be able to tell you what he might have been in, but I think maybe one or two of you might know. Leave a comment and share the deets!

This is the first shoot I’ve seen with him but it looks like he’s a sexy tease who isn’t particularly shy. Has he appeared naked for any photographers yet? I think I might have to spend a little time searching later 🙂

Nice little ass you got there!
Check out the package
Nice angle
Looking good in some black Lacoste underwear
Need a hand, buddy?
He does look damn fine in tight white undies