Argentinian Lautaro Gonzalez is looking BUFF

I keep being told by people far fitter than me that all it takes is working out and a dedication to food. I have 50% of that down but I think I’m still doing it wrong.

Gorgeous Lautaro Gonzalez is doing it right, though.

I just found this Instagram hottie showing off that beautiful body and handsome face and I just had to share him with you guys on the blog. And would you check out those eyes!

Those aren’t just “come to bed” eyes, they’re “adore me and say yes to everything I say” eyes. And believe me, he wouldn’t have a battle on his hands with me.

He’s sexy, he’s handsome, he’s fit and I want to meet up with him at the gym and work out with him some time, among other things.

Check him out on Instagram, and leave a comment below if you want more handsome guys like him on the blog.

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