British hunk Adrien Wilson will make you want to get back to the gym

I don’t know how the English Lads site manages to find all their guys, but I imagine they’re probably hanging out at gyms across the UK seeking out gorgeous young hunks like Adrien Wilson.

He’s a 20yo hottie, straight but not narrow, and he enjoys every sport you could imagine (hopefully not Boxing or Rugby, that face needs to be protected!)

He’s an incredibly buff and confident guy, and he doesn’t seem to be shy about getting his 7.5″ uncut cock out for a wank in his debut shoot.

I guess when you spend so much time in locker rooms and showers you get used to guys seeing your wang swinging around 🙂

He delivers a hot solo jack off session for this debut and we’re all really hoping he’s gonna dare to go further. Can you imagine the fun he’s gonna have frotting cocks with another lad for the first time?

I recommend clicking through and checking out the full uncensored shoot, and seeing some of the other really buff and curious straight guys they’ve had there over the years. It’s one of my fave sites for a reason!