Curious hairy hunk Shepherd

It’s time for some hardcore hunk on the blog and while I was looking around one of my fave sites I decided that Shepherd was just the kind of stud you guys would probably appreciate.

Yeah, he’s a straight guy, but he’s not so straight that he doesn’t appreciate some good cock fun with another dude.

Why is it so hard for me to find straight guys like this dude horny enough to enjoy some innocent cock fun?!

I’ve grabbed some of the pics from his solo shoot for you guys to check out, but you should click through and see the rest of the fun he had there.

After showing off his solid cock and rubbing the cum out of his dick for the guys he returned to get a servicing from another dude for the first time, but he did more than that.

That’s why the title here says he’s curious. He grabs another dick, frotts and swordfights with his buddy, sucks cock for the first time and busts a hot load out in his new friend’s waiting mouth before getting a load splashed over his cock.

That wasn’t it from him. He was soon back to have some more fun, sharing his cock again, sucking dick for the second time, then fucking a guys ass bareback!

There’s no doubt he had fun, but that was his last time there and we’re still hoping that he might come back at some point to enjoy more horny antics with some of the other dudes.

We wouldn’t mind seeing more of this hardcore hairy hunk sharing his meat with other dudes, right?

Click through to see his profile page and the videos he appeared in.