Davide Zongoli has a big bulge to show the world

Yeah I’m fixated on that package, why wouldn’t I be? Although the rest of this incredible dancer/model/aerialist is damn hot too, Davide Zongoli has definitely got more than enough manhood for one guy and it’s quite the distraction.

I was just checking out these photos by Joan Crisol and I couldn’t help but wonder what it must be like for a big hunk like him in such tight little undies posing out in the street with people stopping and staring.

I wonder how many car accidents he nearly caused during the process of this shoot.

Oh, and I love the ’80s, so the styling of this is right up my alley too.

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Check out the package!
I’d lace them for him, and more
This is known as the “Ab Beacon”, calling muscle lovers from across the city.
Posing in a hurricane
Contemplating his decisions
Needs a friend to compare bulges with
Getting some interesting tan lines
Stopping traffic
I’d help him stretch some other muscles
Do you even lift, bro?
Ooh, drama pose.