Fit young jock Jaxon North rubs one out

It’s about time we had some adult fun on the HUNK Magazine blog, and what better than a shoot with new dude Jaxon North getting his manhood out and having some fun on camera for the first time?

He’s appearing in his debut, confidently showing off his inked body and revealing everything, and he has quite a lot to show you, too. He might be a straight jock, but you can see from his attitude on video that he’s really not shy at all and he really seems to enjoy all the attention he’s getting.

I don’t know if he’s thinking much about who might be enjoying his performance, but there’s no denying he’s getting off on being on display like this and performing for the fans.

I get the feeling he might be one of those straight guys you see in the showers at the gym, the one who gets hard and likes the attention, getting sneaky looks at the other lads around him when his boner catches on and makes other guys stiff 🙂

Come on, you know what I’m talking about!

Check out some of his pics and make sure you click through to see him on video, he delivers a pretty spectacular finish to his debut that you’re gonna want to see.

I’m really hoping he’s one of their straight guys who comes back to share some curious stroking with one of the other guys. Something tells me we’re at least gonna see him getting a hand job but maybe we’ll get some frotting and mutual jerking with him and another lad?