Getting wild with erotic male model Benjamin Godfre

There are a lot of gorgeous men out there in the world, showing off their sexy bodies for the cameras and delivering some amazing images, but there aren’t many men like Benjamin Godfre.

This handsome American dude is the real deal, a sexy and teasing guy who knows how to get attention, create something exciting and interesting, getting us all a little hot and bothered in the process.

In short, he’s more like an erotic performance artist than a male model, or a porn star.

He started out as a male model several years ago and was eventually outed as a mysterious masturbator seen in several excellent anonymous videos. That seemed to wake something up in him and rather than deny he was the horny guy showing it all off and enjoying himself in homemade videos, he embraced his new artistic freedom and truly ran with it.

Since that outing he’s become a creative force, making some of the most interesting erotic art without shame or limits. He has no problem getting totally naked, enjoying himself for photographers, getting down and horny for the audience.

Although he did have a very brief career in gay porn, jerking off with another performer in one memorable video, his photos always seem to have some artistic merit beyond just being porn.

As far as anyone knows he is straight, but he’s a dope smoking straight guy with the kind of sexual attitude that suggests he’s no stranger to exploring things with other guys. He comes across as the kind of straight guy you’d at least be able to jerk off with while enjoying a smoke and maybe watching some porn.

The photos here are relatively unknown. There’s no photographer mentioned and no indication of where they originated. If you happen to know more then please share in the comments.

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