Gorgeous jock model Adam Becker can be quite revealing

He’s a handsome and ripped hunk with a handsome face and a great body, but he’s also willing to show a little more flesh than most in his very sexy shoots. I found this collection of photos with some of them by legendary Rick Day and I knew they would go well on the blog.

He’s very much the tease, I looked around out there for more of the guy totally naked and showing it all off but it seems he knows how to play the game and keep us all interested with just a peek at his cock bulge. I don’t think many of you guys will mind that too much, we get to see quite a lot in this shoot anyway even if there’s no full-on nudity and revealing everything.

Adam Becker actually reminds me a lot of a guy I used to have a major crush on in college. Seeing that dude in the locker rooms was enough to give me fantasies for months. I always dreamed about hooking up with him but he was very straight and definitely not interested in doing anything with another dude.

I wonder where he is now? I might have to go and see if I can track him down on Facebook or something 🙂

Enjoy Adam looking so damn fine, and leave a comment below if you want to see more of him and I’ll see what I can do.