Gorgeous stud Ripp Baker gets sexy for Rick Day

When you see the name Rick Day you automatically know the male model you’re about to see is damn hot, and likely to be showing off a little more skin than they might have in the past.

Ripp Baker is the gorgeous all-American jock hunk revealing some extra skin in this shoot, playing the role of the very stereotypical jock a lot of us lust after.

Before I even read anything about him I imagined he was a country boy who wrestled and played football in high school, and without intending to suggest he’s a stereotype, it turns out that’s exactly what he did.

And to make it even more predictable, he’s a personal trainer as well as being a male model. lol

He’s damn gorgeous, I know that much. If he ever appears in a naked shoot you can bet I’m gonna find it and share it with you.

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