Handsome or good looking just doesn’t cut it when describing Zander Hodgson

Yes, I’m having a good week so far, I keep finding some of the most amazing young men to share with you guys, and I hope it continues forever.

Zander Hodgson is the latest stunning young man I’ve discovered, although I should probably give my buddy Danny a shout out for sending me a couple of these pics and setting me off on a hunting mission. Thanks Danny!

I was so glad to find what I did, because this amazing young man is awesome to look at.

I don’t know a whole lot about him at the moment, but after seeing these photos of the handsome and fit young man being so damn teasing and showing off his pubes and that gorgeous ass you can bet I’m gonna be out there looking for more.

This shoot is by photographer Gabe Ayala, and I think I speak for everyone checking out this post that we all wish we were him. Can you imagine getting the chance to hang out with this gorgeous guy, and naked too? I don’t know how Gabe controlled himself in the presence of such a stunning young man.

Enjoy the pics, leave a comment too!