Hung and uncut British model Piotr Kopertowski

Okay, I’m gonna say it, Piotr Kopertowski is the kind of male model who makes me proud to be British.

Yeah, he’s a Brit, but I’m guessing he has Polish roots or his family traces back to Eastern Europe somewhere. Wherever his family hails from, they clearly have some great genes.

He’s one of the most gorgeous hunks in the modeling business, in my opinion, and that’s clearly not just because of his incredibly handsome face.

He has an amazing ripped and athletic body, so tight and well defined, but then you get down to the nitty-gritty and you find that he’s also packing a long and uncut cock that I don’t think any of you would be turning down the chance to play with.

Come on, you have to admit, you would love the chance to experience that impressive dick up-close and personal.

He’s not just a gorgeous jock hunk with an amazing uncut cock, he’s also an artist and creator working in graphic design.

Seeing Piotr Kopertowski naked and showing off that impressive uncut cock should make your day a lot brighter, but leave a comment below if you have anything to say about him. Do you want more of the guy after enjoying this shoot? I’m sure there’s more of him out there to share here with you guys.