I will never get enough of male model Jorge Cobian

Yes, we have more of this awesome hunk for the blog, and I know not one of you is complaining about it either.

Jorge Cobian has held my attention for a while, and it’s easy to see why. His shoots for photographer Adrián C. Martín and Teamm8 are awesome, he’s the perfect guy to show off their sexy underwear to the fullest.

He’s insanely handsome, so incredibly well-built, and with a cock bulge that makes you just want to rip those undies off of him. No one would try, though, he could very easily knock you out.

I’m still wondering if we’ll ever get to see him posing nude for one of the few awesome photographers who know how to do it well, maybe one day!

Enjoy him some more, leave a comment under this post if you have any other awesome models like him you’d like us to feature.