More naked Aussie men by Paul Freeman

I couldn’t leave it at just one post, because Aussie photographer Paul Freeman has spent a long time taking photos of gorgeous Australian men and there’s a lot more to share with you guys.

If you haven’t seen the first round of gorgeous guys showing off more skin than you might expect from professional male models then I would recommend you go and check that one out, then come back to this one.

These guys are all great. They’re so handsome, and so rugged and masculine too. The settings he puts his guys in are perfect for the theme and style, which is so obviously about the rural and traditional Aussie male.

Having said that, the Aussie male hasn’t changed much when it comes to confidence and nudity, at least from my own experience. I’ve known some Aussie guys over the years and they’re rarely shy.

These guys are like the British Rugby players who get their dicks out at a moments notice, or the American frat boys who are shameless about swinging their dicks around in front of each other.

There’s a certain breed of male who just doesn’t give a crap about getting it out, and we definitely appreciate it, especially when they look like these guys!

Leave a comment below and let me know what you guys think of his work, and the guys!