More of Adrien France glistening in his underwear

Of course we needed more of this gorgeous man after the first post on Friday.

His name is Adrien France and he’s a ridiculously hot and handsome man who deserves about a thousand posts on our blog, although I think I might struggle to achieve that unless I post his photos individually.

Why isn’t he working more? I don’t know, but if you happen to have a social circle of photographers I think you all need to get this guy in front of your cameras.

And can we talk about that bulge? Loads of guys look great in tight undies, but some really pull it off, so to speak. I’m not gonna lie, I would love to see this guy butt naked. Photographer Daniel Jaems should work on that.

Enjoy him, and leave a comment if you think we need more of this guy on the blog.

Hint: we do.

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