Muscled hunk Kyle Gorsuch has a great body

I know basically nothing about handsome and muscled hunk Kyle Gorsuch, but I can tell you that he reminds me of my teenage years in the 90’s. Yeah, I’m giving away my age a little with that statement, but I can’t say I’m particularly bothered.

This handsome and buff young man has a look that definitely hits some buttons with me, mainly because I’ve always been a bit of a metal guy at heart. Give me some classic rock over modern rubbish any day of the week. So, you can imagine that if I’d known Kyle Gorsuch when I was younger back in those days I would have been lusting after this dude like you wouldn’t believe, especially if he also wore Nirvana t-shirts under a leather jacket and had a rebellious atitude lol

This is the first time we’ve seen Kyle Gorsuch, but I hope it’s not gonna be the last time. He’s gorgeous, with a great body, and he looks amazing in front of the cameras too.