Naked Aussie men for photographer Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman is one of my fave photographers. I don’t know a whole lot about him and I probably should given that I love so many of his images, but I believe he’s an Aussie guy given all the handsome and uncut Australian men he seems to love taking pictures of.

He’s found some real stars for his shoots over the years and some of them have become major names in the male modeling business. A lot of them are already famous, though, and they just seem to have no qualms at all about getting their uncut cock out for him and showing off in some gorgeous images.

He’s got a lot of work out there, this is just a little snap shot (excuse the pun) of some of his handsome guys revealing all in a country-themed collection.

There’s a lot of “outback” themed shoots from him, with guys going back in time in looking like they just arrived on the last boat from England, or guys playing the part of the rural Aussie totally unashamed and on show for the world.

I love the masculinity of his shoots. These are real men, rugged and handsome, with great bodies and gorgeous dicks out for the world to see.

Check out some of his guys and leave a comment below if you want to see more of his guys.