Quin Bruce is a manly hunk we all want to know

Quin Bruce looks like a guy I know. Yes, you can feel sorry for me now. The guy I know who looks a lot like this gorgeous guy is a real tease, a straight guy who knows what he’s got and likes to get attention. He’s the kind of guy who’ll appear next to you at the urinals, haul his long cock out and start talking, even commenting on your dick. He’s straight, he just knows that a lot of guys are damn turned on around him. Believe me, I made a move, and he politely knocked me back.

I’m not saying Quin Bruce is like that, for all I know he might be all about the dudes (and that’s going to have you thinking dirty things for a while, good luck with that) but even if he’s straight something tells me he would be that much of an asshole.

He’s gorgeous, no doubt about it, and this shoot by Alex Hilbert is a perfect opportunity to admire those handsome good-looks and that sexy buff body.

Even though he’s so gorgeous and he has an awesome body, I have to say that those eyes are one of his best features. He looks so sweet and so sympathetic, I just want to give him a hug… before doing dirty things.

You can bet that I’m gonna be out there looking for more of the guy after enjoying this shoot, and we can all only collectively hope that he’s been in some nude shoots before, or at least underwear shots. Stick around if you want to see more of him, and let me know in the comments what you think of the guy.

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