Ripped muscle hunk Roman Alferov is incredible

You have to admit, if you knew a guy like Roman Alferov you would be lusting after him 24/7. I know a dude who looks a lot like this guy, we work out together occasionally, although every time we do I feel entirely inferior. The guy I know isn’t at all shy about his body, so you can imagine what it’s like for me after a long session when we hit the showers.

We don’t actually know a whole lot about Roman Alferov, it seems as though he’s either new to the business of modeling or perhaps he just didn’t have much of an interest in it. The only shoot I can find with the gorgeous hunk is this one by Stas Vokman, but something tells me that we might be seeing more of him in the future. I sure hope that’s true, we need a lot more of this guy showing off that incredible body and revealing every inch of himself.

I can usually pick out one or two things about a model that really grabs my attention, but with this guy I think he’s just delicious from head to toe. I don’t know what kind of work is needed to maintain a body like that, but I’m real glad he’s achieving it.

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