Russian male model Anatoly Goncharov looking sexy for Marcuse

I need to see some comments from you guys on this one. I need to know if you have any appreciation for shoots like this by companies like Marcuse. I’m old enough to remember seeing hot hunks in shopping catalogues, displaying some sexy bulges in plain images with white backgrounds, and they were exactly like this. I’m not sure why a company like this would stick to that format when there’s so much opportunity to be creative and imaginative.

I almost didn’t publish these photos here because they’re so plain, but then it’s Anatoly Goncharov, and he’s one of the sexiest Russian male models I think I have ever seen. To be honest, this guy could be posing in a haz-mat suit and as long as there’s some flesh on show in a pic or two I would probably still want to publish it.

He’s just one of those guys who does it for me. Whenever I see that gorgeous face I want to share him with as many readers as possible.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think, are these photos too plain? Do you care? Is Anatoly Goncharov just too damn tasty to be worrying about the artistic value of the photos he’s appearing in?

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