Straight friends Hugo Jones and Noah Milton try some anal toys

I guess we all realized that straight friends Hugo Jones and Noah Milton had become a lot closer after seeing each other cum and then coming back to wank each other off for the first time, but I don’t think anyone was expecting to see them back again to fuck each other in the ass with toys!

That’s what we get in this hot session with muscle boy Hugo and his buddy Noah, with a whole lot of friendly cock play thrown in for good measure, too.

I guess when a couple of friends like these have grabbed the other by the dick and shared a jack off session once they’re gonna be down for more of the same, but the friendly anal play they explore in this video makes it even hotter.

Rest assured they have a great time sliding those toys in and out, stroking each other, and finally splashing out their thick creamy loads. I would love to see more of both!

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