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Carter Lewis is the guy on the right, he’s a fit young jock, mostly straight, but since he got his 8.5″ uncut cock out for a wank on video back in September last year he’s been willing to explore.

He was soon back to get his dick out with one of their other hung straight lads and got his first taste of a hard cock too, swapping loads of jerking and oral until they were both gushing out some big loads together.

Logan Brown arrived for his solo jack off last November, but since then he’s been exploring things too. He showed he wasn’t shy about getting his cock out with other lads when him and a buddy filmed each other jacking off at the beach while they were on vacation, but that was just the start of his exploring.

After enjoying some dildos in a solo video and getting a massage and hand job in another he was meeting up with another horny straight lad for some mutual jacking, grabbing each other by the dick and frotting their meat.

He clearly had a great time in that duo because he was soon back again to get his cock sucked by a guy for (what we assume was) the first time.

These two have a whole lot of fun wanking each other, rubbing their uncut jock cocks against each other, and Logan really seems to like that mouth on his dong too.

By the time these guys are done they’re splashing cum out over their abs and watching each other blasting it.

I have no doubt we’ll be seeing more from these guys, and I know that at least Carter is gonna be looking forward to wanking off with other lads even if it’s not for a video. You can see he’s totally into it and loving the feel and sight of another stiff dick.

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