Straight muscled jock Danali Yukon reminds me of a guy I once knew

You’ve probably all met guys like Danali Yukon. He’s straight, but he ain’t narrow. He’s not shy in the slightest, the kind of man who’d gladly flash his cock for his buddies or stand right next to you at the urinals while you compare dicks and joke about your meat.

I get the feeling he’s the kind of “slightly curious” guy who wouldn’t mind kicking back with a buddy and lending each other a hand, he’s definitely got that kind of attitude about him in this solo debut.

He really knows how to work that good-looking cock, too. He’s not the kind of man who just grabs it and strokes until his cum is spurting, he really works his meat and plays with his hairless pink balls.

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Click to watch his video, maybe if he gets a lot of interest they’ll bring him back for one of their straight guy jack off parties!

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