Thom Panto is looking buff in this shoot by Scott Cushman

I’ve been checking out some of the hot shoots by photographer Scott Cushman and when I saw this collection of images featuring gorgeous and ripped hunk Thom Panto I knew he had to be here on the blog for you guys to enjoy.

This is the kind of fit hunk we all love to check out!

I think Scott is new to photography, I’ve only seen a few shoots by the guy, but having said that everything I’ve seen by him has been top quality. This is not the work of an amateur.

And what can I say about Thom Panto? The guy is gorgeous. He looks like a friend of mine, a guy I sometimes work out with. Yeah, it’s a little distracting to work out with a guy who looks like this, but it’s even more distracting when you get to shower with the guy 🙂

I would definitely not pass up the opportunity to work out with Thom, but something tells me he would kill it in the gym and leave me panting on the floor, exhausted.

Enjoy his pics and leave a comment if you have anything to say about him. I think most of you would have at least something to add, right?

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