Uncut muscle man Conall Timpson gets his dick out and tries some anal play

I know the images don’t show a whole lot of action, in fact you don’t even get to see his 8-inch uncut muscle cock, but I can assure you that the video of Conall Timpson enjoying himself is full-on and you get to enjoy everything this handsome muscled hunk delivers in this new scene for the English Lads site.

He’s been in one video before this, his debut, getting his big uncut dick out and wanking himself off to get that creamy load pumping. This time he’s agreed to go a little further and try something new, and it’s damn hot to watch!

The handsome hunk spends a little time showing off his muscles and playing with his big dick, but after some wanking and flashing of his virgin man hole he’s lubing up a toy and easing it into his inexperienced ass.

He really seems to like it. He goes deeper and deeper until it’s all the way in, his cock hard and throbbing in his free hand as he strokes himself off and enjoys the new pleasure this experience is giving him.

Soon enough he’s found something of a sweet spot and his cum begins to flood out of his tip, making a hot sticky mess over his abs and hand.

You can totally tell he really enjoyed it and I think this has opened him up (pun intended) to a lot of new potential experiences.

If you know anything about the site then you probably know we’re likely to see him being wanked off next, and maybe sharing some mutual cock play with another one of their lads. If Conall is gonna follow in the footsteps of most of their other straight guys we should be seeing him frotting his cock with another guy and wanking out some loads with a dude soon enough.

I can’t wait to see how he responds to that. Something tells me this guy is gonna love rubbing dicks with another dude for the first time 🙂

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