We all want more of uncut muscle bear Jacob Hoxsey

I need to start this off by saying I have a major man crush on Jacob Hoxsey. He reminds me so much of a guy I used to know when I was in my teens and just working out that I love dick. My friend back then looked a lot like Jacob Hoxsey does now, even though he was 17. He was one of those guys who loved porn and rubbing one out and he didn’t much care if I was in the room. It led to some great friendly wanks!

This shoot by Venfield8 is a pretty damn sexy one, showing the handsome and hairy muscled hunk revealing all in a Cricket themed session outside. I think we all agree we would love to have a game or two with this dude even if it’s one of the most boring sports in the world.

Sorry to all the Cricketers out there, but come on, you know it’s damn boring, right? lol

He plays the part pretty well and even though I never thought Cricket gear could be made sexy he proves that it can. Then again, I think this guy could make anything looks sexy with his skills and talents.

As I understand it Jacob Hoxsey hasn’t done a whole lot of modelling yet, but I think that’s likely to change in the coming months and years. He’s definitely got a lot of what we love to see in a hunk!