Benjamin Godfre might jerk you off if you ask nicely

Benjamin Godfre is one of my favorite male models in the world, and the reason for that is about to become clear.

This handsome guy has been seen on the Hunk Magazine blog before, posing in a very sexy series of erotic shots, grabbing his manhood and delivering a solo performance you wouldn’t normally expect from a male model.

Then again, he’s not just any male model. As I understand it he’s a photographer and artist these days, he might have started out as a model but since then he’s become a little more interested in erotic photography and performance.

Apparently he’s *mostly* straight, but then again he’s one of those guys who probably wouldn’t conform to any label you would want to put on him. As you can see from this shoot by photographer Michael Stokes, he’s not at all scared about grabbing another guy by the manhood and having some horny fun. Lucky gay porn star Rogan Richards is the one getting his manmeat handled by the horny guy in this shoot, and we all wish we were him.

After looking around out there for a little more of the guy and doing some very necessary “research” it seems to me that he’s one of those guys who wouldn’t think twice about jerking off with another guy. He might not be into having a relationship with you, but getting that dick out and having some fun isn’t off the table with this guy. You should know, though, that he might want to record the experience, or at least take some photos.

We all need friends like him, right?