Who is Augusto Sotola and where can we see more of him?

If you’re anything like me then you probably check out the guys at the gym a little more than they would want you too. Then again, from my own experience I think most of them really love the attention, so maybe they don’t mind it so much when you’re checking them out in the showers?

Augusto Sotola is the kind of man who could have me basically drooling at the sight of him if he were a member at my gym, and I don’t think many of you would be any different.

This handsome hunk is an Argentinian hottie with an incredible body, and seems to like showing it off in some teasing pics.

Unfortunately, it seems as though this might be the only time he’s ever posed for a photographer. I did a little looking around out there and aside from this shoot being enjoyed on various sites there doesn’t seem to be any more information about him, and no other shoots to enjoy. I hope that changes, I think this guy has the potential to be a big name in the male modeling business if he wants to go into it.

Will we ever see this gorgeous hunk naked and showing everything off? We live in hope.

Leave a comment and let me know what you guys think of him. If you know anything more about the guy I would love to hear it.