Check out handsome Russian hunk Dmitry Averyanov and drool

Dmitry Averyanov is one of those handsome hunks who does it all and covers the entire sphere of what we’re used to from gorgeous guys like him. He’s not just a stunning male model, he’s also a personal trainer and coach.

You know how it goes, guys like him start out at the gym working out and then they become personal trainers, then some modeling exec finds them and takes some pics and they end up all around the world showing off their impressive bod.

I think we all agree that Dmitry Averyanov definitely deserves it. He’s so ridiculously handsome and fit, and he knows how to show it all off too. We’re still waiting to see some nude shots of the guy, but what we’ve had so far is a hot mix of mainstream underwear modeling and some truly sexy teasing nude shots that never give too much away.

This shoot by photographer Pavel Lepikhin is pretty damn good. He’s captured Dmitry Averyanov’s natural handsomeness and developed hotness perfectly with these shots of the guy, but we’re still left craving more of him.

Believe me, if I ever see a nude shoot with this gorgeous hunk it will be on here pretty quickly. This guy is one of those models I regularly search for to see what he’s been up to and after this you can expect a little more of him in the coming days. There are some more excellent shoots with him you guys all need to see 🙂

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