Hung and uncut young Zack can suck his own manhood!

It’s time for something real horny on the Hunk Magazine blog, and when I saw this solo masturbation and autofellatio video with Zack Randall I knew you guys would appreciate it.

He’s a handsome guy who loves to enjoy himself. He’s the kind of young man who enjoys his alone time several times a day, and he always delivers an amazing performance when he’s showing off on video.

As you can see from these amazing stills from a recent video, he has a lot of special skills and things about him that the fans love. The main one is that he can suck himself. It’s a rare gift, but we would all love to have that ability!

Come to think of it, it’s probably a good thing that I can’t do that, I don’t think I would ever get anything constructive done.

He has a great boner to play with too, long and thick, with a great foreskin over the top that he loves to play with. Seeing him licking himself and then getting into position to get that shaft even deeper into his own mouth is amazing.

And, finally, the messy finish he delivers has to be seen to be believed. When Zack takes himself over the edge he really doesn’t hold back, and he probably couldn’t even if he tried. He ejaculates with force, sending streams of semen flying from his intact tip and splashing all over his handsome face!

You need to go and check out his site, there’s a lot there to watch.