Hot and sweaty with Oliver Baggerman

It’s the first time we’ve seen handsome male model Oliver Baggerman on the Hunk Magazine blog, but I’ll be damned if this is the last time we enjoy that handsome face and his ripped and slightly hairy bod.

He’s a gorgeous hunk, totally delicious, and able to tease us and get us all worked up in the simplest ways.

He’s out in the sun and looking totally delicious in this shoot for Charlie by Matthew Zink, showing off some of their gear and looking damn tempting in the process.

There are a few things I really love about this guy. First of all he’s totally handsome, I have a thing for gorgeous men who look a little rugged and unkempt. Then there’s that fur over his chest and down his abs. Wouldn’t you love to follow that treasure trail down to where it leads?

And, of course, he also happens to have an impressive bulge that makes us all want to see what’s in there. I don’t think he’s done any nude shoots before, but we know he’s got a whole lot to show off and I think I speak for everyone reading this when I say we really want to see this hunk showing it all off for a good photographer.

Enjoy his pics, leave a comment!