Well hung straight stud Andy Lee cums big loads

Yesterday I shared some pics from the video of Andy Lee and his straight muscle mate Bailey Morgan wanking together, and I really couldn’t wait to get more of this guy on the blog and tell you guys about him.

I’m a big fan of the guy, and while he hasn’t done a lot over the last few years he’s one of those guys I think is so underrated he needs to be shared a lot more and promoted around out there. Hopefully if there’s a bit more interest in him some of the sites might be calling him back for more wanking fun with some other lads.

This Irish hunk started out in porn back in 2010 when he found out his best mate Bailey had been in some wanking videos, getting his gorgeous muscle cock out and stroking on camera. Andy was instantly interested in doing the same and they soon became something of a duo booking for the British porn sites.

It helps that the two guys were so comfortable around each other, and that Andy is totally shameless when it comes to getting his big cock out.

This is the kind of straight guy who wouldn’t say no to kicking back with a buddy watching porn and having a good long wank. In fact, I read about his love of wanking and his willingness to stroke with his buddies in an interview he did for the BuddyBate mutual masturbation blog a while back, you should check that out if you get a minute.

Aside from wanking with his mate Bailey a few times on video he’s also stroked out loads with other lads, and his own brother. There are some good wrestling sessions out there with Andy getting slippery in oil with a whole gang of other guys, and a hot video with him and Bailey wrestling before getting their cocks out and shooting off their loads together.

And that’s one of the things the fans really loved about Andy too; when he cums he really fires off big messy loads that splash out all over the place. Aside from the big fat uncut cock, his willingness to wank with his mates and his sexy personality, he pumps out some of the most impressive cum showers when finally takes that big wet cock over the edge.

So, check out some of the pics of him showing off that big piece of man meat, and make sure you click through to see other posts with this horny wanker. I’ll be adding a lot more of him over the next few days.