Straight mates Andy Lee and Bailey Morgan fuck Fleshlights

I’m having a bit of an Andy Lee week on the blog this week, but I don’t think you guys are gonna mind at all. I can imagine that a lot of you didn’t know who he was before you saw him here, and if that’s the case then welcome to your new obsession!

As a bit of a recap, Andy is the big Irish hunk with all the ink in this shoot, the one with the thick and uncut 9-inch cock.

If you didn’t see the first video with him and his gym buddy Bailey Morgan getting their uncut cocks out in the sun and wanking themselves off then you should check out that post.

For this one the guys are in the bedroom over at Blake Mason, enjoying some sex toys for the first time together and really enjoying themselves.

The guys strip down and get a good look at each other’s cocks, checking each other out and seemingly enjoying what they see. I love the way Bailey keeps looking at his mates big meat as they get hard and stroke their dicks. His own cock is soon throbbing with veins, glistening with lube as he strokes himself and watches his mate Andy rubbing his fat cock.

Then the toys are out and the lads are working out how to use them, with Andy showing his mate how to release the pressure as he slides it down on his stiff cock.

It’s amazing to see them both kneeling and humping their dicks into the toys, pulling out and swinging their meat around, looking at each other’s hard dicks.

They move to the edge of the bed to really fuck those fleshlights, and you can see Bailey is already on the edge. His cock is so hard it looks ready to start spewing cum out at any moment. He tries to hold it back, taking the sleeve off his cock to stop himself from going over the edge as he watches Andy sliding his fat dick in and out of his own toy.

Finally Bailey can’t stop it, pulling his wet dick out of the toy and launching a squirting load of hot white cum from his cock while Andy watches. It’s a great load, pumping out in a fountain, hands free, as Bailey’s amazing veiny dick twitches and convulses.

That’s all Andy needs. Whether it’s the sight of his buddy unleashing his goo or the smell of fresh semen hitting his nostrils he’s soon exploding his famous shower of semen out of his fat dick all over the bed, raining cum down while Bailey watches, his own rock hard cock still bouncing and twitching as he takes in the sight of his best mate squirting so much cream out all over the place.

It’s such a satisfying wank between these straight mates you’ll all be wishing you were buddies with these guys. You just know these two horny lads have had some good wanks together off camera too.

Click through for the video at Blake Mason and stick around on the blog for more of Andy and his amazing cum cannon cock.


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We keep your data private and share your data only with third parties that make this service possible. Read our Privacy Policy.