Straight muscle man Albie Wicks fucks another guy for the first time

Albie Wicks is a real hunk. He’s a handsome and muscled British stud with an amazing body.

He’s been in two videos before this appearance, wanking his uncut cock and shooting his load in a solo, then coming back to share his uncut meat with another one of their new straight lads in some mutual masturbation.

It was great seeing the two straight guys rubbing their cocks together and shooting off their loads after a long session of shared dick play, but he’s going a lot further in this new shoot with eager Chris Little.

Chris is experienced when it comes to showing a new straight guy how to have some fun. Although he started out straight back in the day he was soon sucking cocks and riding other guy’s dicks, and loving every moment of it.

For this one he’s educating Albie, groping their cocks, wanking each other and showing the big man what another guy’s mouth feels like on his cock. Albie gets his dick sucked by a guy for the first time and seems to be loving it too. Then again, Chris is skilled in licking and sucking another guy’s cock, so how could he not love it!?

Soon enough it’s time for the anal. Chris bends over and offers his hole for Albie to play with, his lubed fingers fucking his pucker. With his hole eased open Chris slides his rump down on Albie and starts riding him, and the big muscle man loves it.

Chris gets it in some great positions before hopping back on to ride his new friend some more, wanking his cum out in the process. That’s enough to have Albie jerking out his own juices and splashing his thick and hot cream up his own abs, making a great mess!

It certainly looks like Albie had a great time, I think we’re gonna be seeing him back for more cock fun in the next few months.

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