Uncut French hunk Alex Legend

I wish he’d been in gay porn, or at least bi, but straight French dude Alex Legend has only (so far) been in straight porn, and some threesomes with some frotting involved. If you get the chance to see those I would recommend it.

He’s a very handsome hunk, the kind of straight guy I would always be making horny suggestions to if I knew him.

Something tells me that his straightness in porn might all be about availability and preference. I get the feeling that if the opportunity to try something else with another dude was an option he wouldn’t automatically turn it down.

You never know, there are plenty of straight performers who get paid a little more to do something out of their normal routine with another dude on camera and before you know it they’re making great bi videos.

He’s a great guy, handsome and with an amazing body, just enough fur and with some sexy ink too, and that uncut cock is definitely worth admiring.

Enjoy, check out his pics and leave a comment at the bottom!